Pasta Supper
Saturday 27 November 2010
Two seatings: 6pm and 7pm
George's Roadhouse Kitchen, Sackville New Brunswick
All are welcome

Handmade Pasta Workshop at 1.30pm

The handmade pasta workshop and supper were coordinated in conjunction with the exhibition "Feed" at the Owens Art Gallery.

Special thanks to: John Murchie, Gemey Kelly, Lucy MacDonald, Kristen Atkins, the Royal Canadian Legion in Sackville, Darren Brown and the staff at George's Roadhouse Kitchen in Sackville, Sym Corrigan, Mat Reichertz, Fizah Hassan, Leah Garnett, Adriana Kuiper, Ryan Suter, Linda Bartlett and Robert Zingone.

Pasta machines generously provided by: Mary-Anne Wensley, Jayne Wark & Peter Dykhuis, Barbara Sutherland & John Abram, Joann Reynolds-Farmer, Sharron Blanchard, Susan McEachern, Michael McCormack & Dawn Craig, Jessica Hein, Jennifer Corson & Keith Robertson, Sym Corrigan & Mat Reichertz, John Murchie & Gemey Kelly, Linda Bartlett & Amy Forrest, and Jim Keith.

An extra special thanks to all of the 24 workshop participants who learned quickly and worked very hard kneading dough and rolling out pasta to feed 100 people!