An audio site specific installation at The Khyber building, 1588 Barrington Street, Halifax Nova Scotia, dealing with the history of The Church of England Institute (the first resident of the Khyber building), more specifically, the identity of religious male figures who resided within the Institute (the archbishops). Tracings consists of audio tracks of various voices, both male and female, overlapping and in unison repeating continuously the word “amen” . The walls are decorated with domestic elements through traces/silhouettes of period furniture (Queen Anne style chairs, tables, accessories traced from the artist's grandmother’s house) painted on the walls of the room. This installation was created specifically for the Centre for Art Tapes’ Crossroads exhibition in the Khyber’s Library gallery. This installation has been adapted to other spaces.

This installation is adaptable to specific spaces/histories. Three versions have since been installed, one in Sackville New Brunswick, the other in Montreal, Quebec, and one in New London CT. The audio component was specific to the Khyber building’s history.  In Sackville, New Brunswick the painted room was installed in an old house previously used as the Dean’s residence (Mount Allison University). The installation comprised of the painted tracings alone. In Montreal, the painted room was installed in a small room in the gallery and displayed with the video "My Grandmother’s House". In Connecticut, the tracings were arranged in a former department store space.

Documentation by Robert Zingone.